Dana Kamberg
studio artist

Introducing the Anxious Ladies:
"My Anxious Ladies series depict a variety of distorted self-portraits that feature representations of myself as a sorrowful woman in a red bathing cap. These images are tender and raw; based on a series of photographs I took of myself through the duration of my therapy. Derived from my frustration in the healing process of my anxiety disorder and depression, these photographs ultimately became the references for the Anxious Ladies series. Through this series, I found that not only was my work useful as a coping mechanism for my healing, but it connected with others experiencing mental illnesses as well. The use of these stylized portraits offers a chance for the audience to place themselves as the main subject. When did they last feel the kind of anxiety demonstrated in the figures’ faces? Comparing themselves to the portraits, how do they feel in that moment? This kind of discourse is fundamental to the reception of mental illnesses. 

Utilizing portraiture as a means of representation and advocacy, we as a community allow for mental illness to become humanized- offering visibility to a large audience of how vast and these afflictions can be and open up a safe place for discussion. I hope to provide through my work, resources for my viewers, and opportunities to connect with one another."